MORSE web platform

Ship electronic log books & Voyage Performance

MORSε is a holistic solution combining approved ship electronic books, environmental regulatory compliance, work/rest, noon reporting, environmental indicators (MRV/DCS/CII) and voyage performance. Our web platform is a powerful tool ideal for monitoring fleet performance and efficient decision making. 

MORSε web platform is certified by LR, ClassNK, CCS,  compliant with MEPC 312(74) and holds several flag approvals.

Technology & design
  • Microsoft .NET Core
  • Web based solution – Works offline for ship use
  • Data backup on cloud (Azure) and local servers
  • Setup fleet/office privileges and access rights
  • Accessible by all company’s sites
  • Business Intelligence & machine learning
  • Modern design and mobile responsive
  • Ship and company specific customization
  • Penetration tests
  • Audit trail
Environmental & regulatory compliance
  • Data sharing between software modules
  • Built-in rules for regulatory verification
  • Map for environmental compliance
  • Position of recorded operations on the map

Reporting & automated notifications
  • Notifications when deviation from regulations is about to occur
  • Alerts upon detection of uncommon operations
  • Warning flags
  • Customized reports
Dashboards & benchmarking
  • Dive-in dashboards
  • Advanced analytics, statistics, diagnostics
  • Comparison between ships
  • MRV / DCS / CII decarbonization metrics
  • Easy installation on various virtualized environments on the cloud or local server
  • Plug & Play hardware (optional)
Data input
  • Data input from ship’s equipment and machinery
  • Integration with other software systems (FMS)
  • API calls
  • Chat between fleet and office
  • Easy distribution of company’s bulletins/circulars
  • Sync & data encryption
Available modules
  • Oil Record Book part I / II / III (Panama vessels)
  • Garbage log book Part I & Part II (MARPOL Annex V)
  • Ozone depleting substances, MARPOL Annex VI
  • Bunkering, MARPOL Annex VI
  • Fuel Oil changeover, MARPOL Annex VI
  • FO sampling and custody transfers, MARPOL VI
  • VOC, MARPOL Annex VI
  • Tier and on/off status of engines, MARPOL VI
  • Incinerator log book
  • Engine parameters
  • Biofouling log book
  • Ballast Water Record book
  • Deck log book
  • ER log book

Please contact us for the full list of e-log/record books