MORSE ORB standalone

Electronic Oil Record Book

Technology & design
  • Microsoft .NET
  • 1000+ ships
  • Data backup on cloud (Azure) and local servers
  • Business Intelligence & machine learning
  • Modern design and mobile responsive
  • Ship and company specific customization
  • Penetration tests
  • Audit trail
Guards against practical ORB issues
  • Discrepancies between ORB and OWS capacity
  • Failure to document oily internal transfers
  • Recording of vague entries and mistakes
  • Risk of lawsuits and criminal charges
  • Falsification of log entries
  • Missing oil record book
  • Administrative burden

The SMARTSAFE MORSε ORB has been developed under a joint venture SENSƐAS, where RIVERTRACE and PREVENTION AT SEA are working together to develop sensor technology with maritime software to provide the industry with a smarter, simpler way to improve processes and recording data.

isea Cloud for office use
  • Data sync / real-time MORSε ORB data monitoring
  • Dive-in dashboards
  • Uncommon recorded operations
  • Benchmarking & diagnostics
  • Data comparison between ships
  • Automated notifications & alerts
  • Customized reports