Safety Management System

We undertake the following projects
  • SMS Simplification, combining gap analysis against requirements and best practices
  • Compilation of a new, tailor-made Safety Management System
  • Risk assessment of SMS procedures based on TMSA and DryBMS requirements

Our SMS simplification service is ideal for shipping companies interested in:

  • simplifying the existing SMS by making it user friendly
  • redesigning the SMS structure
  • applying a human centered and modular approach
  • reducing the size of the body text
  • risk assessing the existing procedures (TMSA element 9)
  • human performance influencing factors (TMSA element 14)
  • removing passive voice, complexity and vagueness
  • using easy to comprehend english grammar/ language
  • updating the SMS and ensuring compliance with best practices and requirements
Simplification techniques

We have developed efficient techniques which ensure optimum simplification:

  • Modular architecture
  • Elimination of passive voice
  • User friendly template
  • Chronological sequence of actions
  • Readme First technique
  • Remove vagueness and duplication
  • Step-by-step approach


Simplification measuring tools

For measuring the effectiveness, comprehensiveness and satisfaction of the implemented simplification process, we utilize specific tools at predetermined intervals:

  • Survey / sample check
  • KPIs
  • Readability
  • Word count
  • Words per sentence
  • Use of passive voice


Visualization & infographics

We design infographics with the aim the applied visualization to:

  • Empower the user
  • Ensure consistency
  • Secure usefulness and accuracy

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