F.I.SH. web platform

Fleet Information Sharing

Fleet Information SHaring (F.I.SH.) platform, is an online ship data repository designed to standardize, automate and reduce the time spent in the ship inspection process and ship records/data collection for review by third parties such as Flag registry, Port State control, P&I and more. 

Co-financed by Innovation and Research Foundation (IRF) and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), the F.I.SH web platform provides an innovative solution for ship records and data exchange between the ship, the ship operator, and third-party stakeholders such as ship owners, flag states, P&Is, charterers, agents and port state control.  

F.I.SH web platform is endorsed by the Cyprus Shipping Deputy Ministry, which contributed to the research and development of the project, with their technical expertise and extensive experience. This is in line with our ‘Partners in Maritime Innovation’ strategy which is committed in working closely with key shipping stakeholders for the delivery of innovative maritime software products.

At its core, F.I.SH. is designed to facilitate the exchange of ship’s records and data between the concerned parties, with the aim to reduce the time currently spent and with the ultimate purpose of removing the need for third party presence or sending an auditor or inspector onboard the vessel. Its goal is to target and eliminate the administrative burden of ship inspections by providing an economically beneficial solution for its users and stakeholders.

It does this by allowing ship operators and crew members to upload fleet records and data such as e-certificates, e-logbooks, drills, expiry certificates and other ship records into a central and secure online system, as well as to review and validate data that has been automatically acquired by other maritime electronic systems and platforms. 

Third parties are then able to submit requests to the ship operator for online/remote ship data review or acquisition. Ship operators can review all of these requests and can grant or decline access to third parties, as well as assign access with functional (i.e. view only) or time restrictions. Once permission has been granted, third parties will be able to access data and provide feedback to ship operators. This will streamline the records review by third parties and ship inspection process by reducing the need for physical presence/inspections.  

F.I.SH. platform is fully aligned with the IMO’s strategy on ‘Reducing administrative burdens, using modern information and communications technology for electronic data exchange’.

F.I.SH. is currently interconnected with PAS software products and clients can share, upon request, their fleet records with third parties.